Boot delayed 30s; how to troubleshoot this?
Hello! I've been using Manjaro Arm (burned on the emmc) on my PBP for a few weeks now and it's awesome; thanks a lot for all the work that goes into this. Really love this pinebook.

But I do have a problem happening on boot:
When I hold the Power button a few seconds, the LED light up; but the screen stays dark for 32s before anything starts showing (the M Manjaro logo comes first; then my login screen).
It's a shame because once the screen lights up the boot is pretty fast. Is this delay normal? I don't remember having these kind of delays on the default debian install.

The 30s value make me think it could be a timer on a misconfigured u-boot that maybe tries some invalid boot option, wait for 30s then tries Manjaro? I have no expierience with u-boot and am not very clear on how to debug this issue? Any clues would be welcome.
I believe it /boot/boot.txt there is a value that sets the boot delay. There's a command to run after any changes, but I can't recall it. I'll see if I can dig it up. (If anyone reads this and knows it, please beat me to the punch.)
Thanks for the info, I found no boot.txt in the /boot folder; I'll look for the format if I have to create it.
Searching around the /boot/loader folder, I found the loader.conf file which does have a:
default arch
timeout 4
console-mode max

I seem to recall console-mode was an option to allow connecting to the console? Max could here mean wait max amount of time for connection?

The /boot/loader/entries folder contains only one arch.conf file which seems correct.
There could be a bug in the version of Manjaro you're using... I seem to remember a changelog entry about fixing a boot delay... but I could also be confusing that with the Pinephone... all these changelogs become a blur after a while! Big Grin
Ok; I'll try reinstalling. Probably after I give a go to Postmarket Os which I'd like to test; as Alpine seems tasty. Will mark as solved if reinstall works in a few days.
This tip helped for me:
This a Manjaro problem on (all) platforms (at least if installed as vm)

My manjaro on VMware has also a bootdelay of approx 30 seconds

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