Manjaro XFCE: Enable Natural Scrolling (Reverse scrolling direction)
Just thought I'd share for anyone else trying to figure this out. Enabling Natural Scrolling for Manjaro XFCE in the touchpad settings panel does not currently work. You can however, set it via the command-line according to the Arch Wiki. I'm not sure if this is the best/appropriate way to fix the issue, but it did work for me:

1. Using the package manager, install the xorg-xinput package, which contains the xinput utility

2. From the terminal, run the following command and note the ID number for the Touchpad:

xinput list

3. Run the following command and note the number for the property labelled "Natural Scrolling Enabled (<propertyID>)"  It should have a "0" next to it, indicating that it is disabled. Replace the <deviceID> with the ID for your Touchpad:

xinput list-props <deviceID>

4. Set the scrolling property to "1" (enabled) by running the following command, replacing <deviceID> with your Touchpad's ID and <propertyID> with the ID number for the natural scrolling property:

xinput set-prop <deviceID> <propertyID> 1

Note that this doesn't persist after a reboot, and the deviceID and propertyIDs appear to change. If you want to persist the changes, you will need to use the string names for the device and property in a .xprofile script in your home root.  For example:


xinput set-prop "HAILUCK CO.,LTD USB KEYBOARD Touchpad" "libinput Natural Scrolling Enabled" 1


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