Frustrating trackpad
(01-17-2020, 11:07 AM)twirlydog Wrote: I just received my Pinebook Pro.  The trackpad seems very frustrating to use:  It seems to keep moving for a few pixels after my finger stops moving (I just spent about a minute trying to resizze this browser window because I could not get the pointer precisely on the window border!)  I've tried fiddling with the sensitivty/acceleration settings, I can see that the settings are applying but they do not help me be any more precise with the touchpad. I also updated the trackpad firmware to no avail.  Any other suggestions to make the trackpad more usable?

Also, when scrolling using two fingers, the direction seems unintuitive to me.   I'm used to the trackpad on a MacBook Pro (but I think I may have also reversed the scrolling direction there).  Any way to reverse this on th PineBook?

Hi! Have you tried this: ?

I was disappointed with my PBP touchpad at first, but after setting the driver to synaptics and tweaking the setting as described on the wiki, it actually became usable.

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