Only powers on with previous SD Card installed
Hi All,

Strange solution occurred this morning.

I've been trying out different OS on my PBP to see which I may stick with. So far have Mate Bionic image on the Emmc (from the tutorial instrcutions) and have SD cards with mate, chromium, manjaro.

Strangely I just shutdown from manjaro sd card and now the PBP will only power on with that specific SD Card in the slot.

i.e. I get 0 response (not even an orange LED) when pressing and holding the power button with any of the following attempts:

  1. No SD Card boot - Ubuntu Mate from EMMC  (worked last night)
  2. SD Card with Bootable Bionic Mate image
  3. SD Card with Chromium Image
Where as
     4. Replacing the SD card with the same Manjaro image - boots straight away. Very strange.

Can anyone point me towards a reason for this so I can figure out what to do?

OK - I appear to be back to booting from eMMC by dd'ing the Manjaro installer image straight to the hard drive and installing from there as per this guide:

I'm even back to being able to boot from SD cards as well!

Pinbook Pro is new this week and it reminds me soooo much of playing with computers nad taking them apart when I was a kid Smile All exploration and messing things up!
Hi Guys, I've now had this twice.

Went back to Bionic Mate booting from the pinebook eMMC as per this guide

Went as far as step 6 to get the boot loader fix As soon as i then tried to boot into a Chromium Build on an SD card (strangely this failed) then I could no longer load the eMMC build.

Recovered from a bioinc mate SD Card by re-flashing, but really strange that I can't boot an alternate OS on SD card without corrupting anything. Has anyone got any ideas on this?

If you are booting ayufan's Linux images, you should be advised that his images use the BSP u-boot. This u-boot places eMMC as first boot priority, with SD as the second. You will need to use a u-boot like mrfixit's to boot SDs first again (you can find links in the wiki.)

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