Bare metal programming

I am working on a bare metal JIT translator for M68K instruction set. The translator is aimed at maximal speed of translated code and works on the hardware without any operating system. So far it has been developed and tested in 32-bit mode on RasberryPi.

Since now I'm a happy owner of PineBook Pro I have started to port it. I am moving from AArch32 to AArch64 and try to learn how to do a good bare-metal coding on PineBook/RasPi. So far I haven't found any interesting resources regarding bare metal coding for Pinebook, so I have started collecting them by myself. I will put that knowledge on the wiki of my Emu68:

Soon I will add some information about preparing the bootable Emu68 files on microSD, accessing UART etc. I hope it will be helpful to anyone Smile

PS. If you like my effort, don't hesitate pressing the "Sponsor" button there Wink
My kind of things. Thanks a lot.

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