Working USB-C Adapter with HDMI, Ethernet and Power
After receiving my PBP and using it for some everyday tasks the only thing really missing to me
was a USB-C Adapter that could do HDMI and Ethernet. So I borrowed a generic
USB-C Adapter from a friend with
  • USB-C power input
  • HDMI (Up to 4k) and VGA out
  • Ethernet port
  • 2x USB port
  • SD/microSD Card reader
and started running some tests.

The first thing that I found really interesting was that the adapter only registered in one direction.
This seems to correlate to another post. Afterwards the Ethernet port and Power started working
and video did not work at all (Forgot to test the SD/microSD Card reader). This all happened on
Monday whilst running Manjaro Linux. Where this adapter really started to shine was after I
decided to switch back to Debian. After the switch video suddenly started working and now
everything works except the two USB ports and 4k Video(There is video output but right-hand
side of the display displays noise).

The most important takeaway for further research is that the adapter only registered in one direction.
This could be the cause of the USB ports and 4k Video not working correctly.

  • HDMI Video only works with Power
  • Added wiki entry.

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