Max SD card size?
It's great I can boot/run from the SD card!  How big a card can I put in there?  (Gotta figure out how much of a media library can travel with me off-the-grid.)
   The wiki states :  

      "extendable up to 2TB via microSD, supports SDHC and SDXC"

    I do not know how expensive such a card may be.. ?

Remember, running off of an sd card, it will likely be running in slow motion.
It would probably be better to install your operating system, and then just pull your 'music' from the sd card...
The sd card 'should' run your phone just ok, kind of like running your computer from a live disk, it works, but it is not snappy.

Just a note of caution
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I remember the time when a 2GB card cost USD 4,000, so nothing is impossible.

But be careful to buy reputable brands from reputable sellers. Stay well clear of something like this:

It is likely to let you down after copying a few GB onto it.
****   YES
I do buy lots of items on Ebay,    BUT if it  "Sounds Too Good To Be TRue"     It probably is a Fraud.
**       (I learned the Hard way)
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