**   IF  you have a shipping problem,  you should voice your concern.
   However, you should know/realize that shipping from China to all places Global can involve many obstacles .

   Just the distances alone that the shipments may need to travel can be extremely lengthy.

  The Pine Team is not responsible for local customs, tariffs, taxes, levies, etc...

  They cannot control what happens 'After' they 'Mail' or 'Ship' an item.

  The methods of shipment can make a difference,
      So can the time of year, such as Christmas and New Years and more....

       Even the routes make a difference.

   I ordered 3 different power inverters from China earlier this year :

     I live in the Southwestern United States.

   The first one came through Los Angeles, California,  including going through Customs, it arrived 3 days after being shipped.

   Both the second and third came through Customs in New York City,  one spent 2 weeks in Customs, the other spent
    3 Weeks in Customs,  Then they both traveled through very long routes rather than direct routes before finally arriving.

    The merchant that shipped those can not be blamed !    That just happens...

   When Pine sent my extra parts and accessories, they sent them by Postal,  they took a while. 
     They again came in through the New York City Customs, then the long way across the country.

   BUT,   when they shipped my Pinebook Pro,  they delivered it from their China warehouse to the
   DHL office in Hong Kong,    then DHL contacted me on a Thursday morning, and Friday afternoon
   they delivered it,  directly into my waiting hands.

   I am not complaining about the Postal Service, they do fairly well handling Tons of mail everyday.
    But I would like to Praise the Pine Team,  for going the extra mile to deliver the PBP's to the DHL office.!
(in Hong Kong )

        AND to DHL for delivering my PBP across so many miles  in such a short time  !

           THANK YOU  !

   Donate to $upport
your favorite OS Team

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