Netflix with hardware acceleration not working
Good day Gentlemen & Gentlewomen,

I can't get the Chromium to work with the hardware accelartion.
Usually I wouldn't bother but its impossible to play videos from netflix like that (at least not in fullscreen mode).

Chromium gives me a error like this:

  • [12710:12710:1213/] : EGL display query failed with error EGL_SUCCESS

  • [12710:12710:1213/] : eglInitialize Default failed with error EGL_BAD_DISPLAY

  • [12710:12710:1213/] : GLSurfaceEGL::InitializeOneOff failed.

  • GpuProcessHost: The GPU process exited with code 1024.

I installed the latest libmali - wateland. I also tried some others, getting the same error.

Any hints / ideas ?

Thx in advance.
Problem solved.

Seems like I messed it up while playing with mali-libs... unfortunately I couldnt figure out which libs I screwed up, so at the end I decided to install a fresh image ....

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