different keyboard layouts (like AZERTY)

The current Pinebook pro comes with the option between ISO and ANSI layout, what is great. But it is only QWERTY. 

I understand that makes sense. Other layouts are the exception. And this is not a store. To keep costs low, producing other low volume keyboard layout versions is probably not possible. 

Nevertheless if you are accustomed to a non-Qwerty layout it can be annoying to be forced to use it. Using stickers is an option but not ideally. It never looks great. 


Let's take French Azerty.  Take all the keys with the correct printing on them for French Azerty.  And then remove the keys that are identical of the included QWERTY layout.

Sell that bag of extra printed keys as an ad-on to the order.  So ordering a Pinebook pro AZERTY FR is only the default computer + a bag of extra keyboard keys.

And then the buyer can do some puzzling to rearrange the keys. The bag can also contain a tool for removing the keys of the keyboard.

I suspect (hope) a bag of extra lose printed keyboard keys would not be very expensive. This way multiple keyboard layouts could be offert.
We may have something in the works to make it possible for users that rely on different keyboard layout. Stay tuned.
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