Is it possible to replace LCD panel?
Thanks for posting the profile, I will have a go at this as well Smile

I followed and that seems to load the profile without errors:

rock@Debian-Desktop:~/Downloads$ colormgr get-devices
Object Path:   /org/freedesktop/ColorManager/devices/xrandr_eDP_1_rock_1000
Owner:         rock
Created:       November 25 2019, 02:20:21 PM
Modified:      November 25 2019, 02:25:18 PM
Type:          display
Enabled:       Yes
Embedded:      Yes
Seat:          seat0
Scope:         temp
Colorspace:    rgb
Device ID:     xrandr-eDP-1
Profile 1:     icc-7107e0442bea3f23d96b692e21fef0b3
Metadata:      XRANDR_name=eDP-1
Metadata:      OutputPriority=primary
Metadata:      OwnerCmdline=xiccd
Metadata:      OutputEdidMd5=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

But I don't notice any changes, does anyone know how this is driver or X config dependent? On what level does the correction matrix get applied?
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I am not sure how useful a profile created by another user will prove given that the panels seem to have a degree of variation in colour reproduction. Not sure if this a difference between LCD panel batches, poor tuning or no calibration at the factory, or simply that the panels are sourced from different vendors with different pre-sets.
I am including a picture of two PBPs side-by-side below - I tried to capture the colour difference the best I could.

P.S. the two units are running different OSs - Debian with Mate (left) and Ubuntu with Plasma (right) - but I assume that probably has no impact on the colour reproduction (?).

[Image: M4FYTWK.jpg]
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Your are right, each panel is going to be slightly different. Not much good in sharing a profile unless someones panel is really out of whack from the factory and they do not have the capability to generate their own profile. On top of that, I do not anticipate that there will be a lot of creatives needing a color accurate pine book with its 6bit panel working on their high fashion photos Smile I wanted to see if it would work...and it did...and see if it made any difference on my own didn't...but it was interesting.
What became of this effort to get a calibrated profile working? My panel has some issues with grayscale stuff and the green is crazy intense.
Too much variation in panels for a common profile, hmm.  Maybe because of small quantities, I can download ICM files for my Dell monitors.

You can buy a profile for $5 at if you really want one.

I have a Color Munki which can profile monitors, but I bought it for my HP color laser printer mostly.  Which is a business-grade laser printer not meant for photography.  I took a picture of a purple flower with one of my Nikons and it printed as blue.  So after a little research I bought a Color Munki and made a profile, now the flower prints purple.  The moral of the story is that I think it's more noticeable on colors that are a blend (purple = red + blue) of colors than primary colors.

I've printed color photographs on it for years with mostly good results.  It seemed to have trouble with some shades of brown.  The next batch of toner cartridges may require making a new profile though.

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