Using a v2.1 SSD adapter to fit a 2280 SSD (without trackpad interferance)
The v2.1 SSD adapter that is shipped with the initial (first three?) Pinebook Pro batches has a couple of problems. In particular the back of the adapter board interferes with the operation of the trackpad once the case is reassembled and the ribbon cable doesn't quite match the layout of the mother- and adapter- boards.

I'm told there is a plan to offer replacement adapter boards that overcome these issues... but if you have a Pinebook Pro and a new SSD in your paws right now then there are hacks that allow you to install the SSD. Note that this is an unofficial guide and, whilst I have put warnings on the tricky bits, the decision to proceed is yours and yours alone! Please do not undertake these changes if you cannot afford to fix any damage that results.

The instructions do not include a guide for correct removal and replacement of the bottom panel (look on the wiki) and these instructions also assume you will take appropriate precautions to prevent damage from static electricity.

1. Firstly we must remove the section of the adapter board that interferes with the track pad. Score a line between the Pine logo and the text. The line should be a right angles to the adapter board itself. Cut the board along this line. I used a Dremel with a cutting disc but a hacksaw would probably also work. If using a hacksaw cut with the saw blade at a shallow angle from the flat side of the board (e.g. don't try to cut the edge side directly) and expect to replace the blade because circuit boards are made of pretty tough material. In all cases make sure you cut the board a long way from anything electronic, the filings will include plenty of copper. Clean up the end with sandpaper as needed.

2. Remove the sticky tape that holds down the cabling the is routed in the bottom corner of the machine (middle of the diagram below).

3. Re-route the trackpad ribbon cable to ensure it is fully clear of the SSD adapter. This means adding three new folds to replace the single fold using for the factory routing. The new folds can be fairly light since the fold only needs to be enough to allow the cable to hold its shape. Any more than that risks breaking the wires in the cable.

4. Replace the sticky tape and use it to hold the newly routed trackpad cable in place.

5. Add the SSD to the adapter board and secure in place. I used a small cable tie to avoid leaving a residue on the SSD but I suspect tape would be more secure! If using tape ensure the screw hole are still accesible.

6. Screw the adapter in place (3 black screws from the SSD kit).

7. Attach the ribbon cable to the motherboard. The connector has a tiny plastic locking bar: gently lift the bar, push fit the cable and lower the bar again.

8. Attach the cable to the SSD adapter. The fit is very tight and will require a couple of small folds to get it to reach. Ensure the cable is squarely fitted into the socket before lowering the locking bar.

For reference, below is a picture of the installation in my machine.

[Image: 49063689791_9d7948cf7c_h.jpg]
* Excellent Daniel ! *
I was thinking along the same lines on shortening the adapter board.
Also the 'cable tie' is probably better suited to the warm interior than tape.
..> (and there will not be any glue residue if you need to service it later)
I had been thinking of a metal band (like an aluminum soda can) about 1cm (3/8") wide
with the folds at the edge of the adapter board, squarely bent so it would not touch the edges of the SSD.
>( Perhaps a tape or paper insulator between the band and the SSD ) ?

* The re-routing of the track pad ribbon cable shows nice attention to detail.
*** Great Picture
Thank you for sharing ! !

I am very curious what the clearances are from there to the case  ..?
perhaps a very small ball of clay, set on a piece of paper (so it does not stick to anything)
One to check the clearance form the SSD to the case and one to check clearance from the adapter to the case..?
install the bottom case,  then remove it and measure the clay...  ?
After measuring, possibly use a thermal pad to send heat to the case..?

(I heard there are measurments but I have not found them)
To be honest I'd guess that the clearance on the bottom panel is zero although I'm afraid I won't be able to measure it any time soon due to travel.
(11-15-2019, 04:37 AM)danielt Wrote: To be honest I'd guess that the clearance on the bottom panel is zero although I'm afraid I won't be able to measure it any time soon due to travel.

Thank you.
I can confirm that your tutorial worked fine for me with a samsung nvme EVO 960

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