Possible to use different uboot with Chromium?
While digging more into this further, I came across the NOOBS page in the wiki (I'm annoyed sometimes how small search term variation yield such different results) and after going through the README, I cannot determine if it uses the updated boot order that places SD before eMMC. I recall on the official Das UBoot site, they prioritize SD over eMMC, but I want to be sure if I flash this, I'm not essentially flashing the same uboot as the R77 ChromiumOS build since it uses the original default boot priority. Does anyone know? I just saw the date in the version, this uboot is outdated and unlikely to reflect the desired change in uboot priority. Better yet, is there a flashable version of the uboot from MrFixit's Debain build?

Also, the link to the ayufan uboot repo points to his linux-build repo, and not directly to the uboot fork. I'll see if I can make the suggested change on the wiki, but wanted it to be known, just in case.

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RE: Possible to use different uboot with Chromium? - by tophneal - 11-04-2019, 08:38 AM

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