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Possible to use different uboot with Chromium? - tophneal - 11-01-2019

So I installed Chromium OS and my PBP eMMC, without realizing that ayufan's uboot puts eMMC before SDs. (Feeling pretty foolish about now...) I unfortunately did not order a USB adapter to flash the eMMC directly.

I've been able to boot to SD again, by opening the case, using the eMMC disable switch and then booting. However, I can't get the eMMC to mount in the SD OS after enabling it again. So now I'm wondering if it's possible to use the uboot that came with the stock Debian install with Chromium OS?  I don't necessarily want to not use Chromium anymore, but I want to retain the original boot order as my current method to boot from SD is very inconvenient and far from ideal.

If there's another way to get the PBP placing the SD higher in boot priority, I'd love to know!

RE: Possible to use different uboot with Chromium? - tophneal - 11-04-2019

While digging more into this further, I came across the NOOBS page in the wiki (I'm annoyed sometimes how small search term variation yield such different results) and after going through the README, I cannot determine if it uses the updated boot order that places SD before eMMC. I recall on the official Das UBoot site, they prioritize SD over eMMC, but I want to be sure if I flash this, I'm not essentially flashing the same uboot as the R77 ChromiumOS build since it uses the original default boot priority. Does anyone know? I just saw the date in the version, this uboot is outdated and unlikely to reflect the desired change in uboot priority. Better yet, is there a flashable version of the uboot from MrFixit's Debain build?

Also, the link to the ayufan uboot repo points to his linux-build repo, and not directly to the uboot fork. I'll see if I can make the suggested change on the wiki, but wanted it to be known, just in case.