Brave Heart Edition Pre-orders

Just wondering if the pre-order date of November 1st is current reality or a dream ... Shall the Pine Store be accepting orders for PinePhone Brave Heart edition on November 1st.
Or should community members expect further delays. 
I know the personnel in charge of Pine64 are dedicated and working to give us the best service

 New tentative opening date for the Brave Heart pre-orders appears to be November 15-17,   That is not definate, but . . .  
    (Possibly related to the delayed shipment of the developers edition)

 I have to believe the product we receive will be worth the wait,  
    and is still being improved while we are waiting.
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We have just started the "Breaveheart" PinePhome production despite waiting for prototype batch feedback. This decision carry risk but if we keep waiting, we will miss the manufacturing windows. The PinePhone production batch currently suffer on delay due to waiting for glass panel which promised to deliver few days ago. Once we deliver PinePhone prototype batch, we will immediately open the "Breaveheart" PinePhone batch pre-order around mid this month.

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