Manjaro hangs on boot
So, I have been trying out manjaro but have had nothing but problems ranging from needing to compile from source to install older versions of python to inconsistent booting. The worst has just struck, I cannot boot. If the kernel loads (which is inconsistent) then it runs fine until reaching '[OK] Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service' then it attempts to load the DE shows a cursor and then flicks between the two screens. If I try to do ctrl alt f2, it loads the tty but then that screen gets added to the loop making it very hard to use. I will share a video showing exactly what I mean as soon as it uploads.
It seems my post was removed for some reason so sorry if this is a repost. I have manjaro arm installed on an SD card in my pinebook but when booting I get in a loop between the desktop environment starting and the last module being loaded. I have attached a video showing how the bot process looks. I can access tty but it flickers on and off so it is very difficult to get stuff done.

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