HDMI output with Arch Linux Arm
Hi :-)

I've been waiting for the latest official kernel additions concerning the rockchip's graphic support.
lima is now a part of the kernel and mesa.

Sadly, I'm not able to test any of that using the latest Arch Linux for Arm release because there is simply no output via HDMI.

There's a framebuffer in /dev but I haven't found a way to make use of it.
I can understand there's no console output, so i installed xorg-server and the fbdev support.

Still no image :-(

What am I missing?

kind regards
Is there anyone who can point me to something that might help getting HDMI to work with an upstream kernel?

http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_St...tus_Matrix lists HDMI and CEC as "incomplete".

does anyone know in which way they are incomplete?
or maybe where the development takes place? (mailing list etc.)

hoping for an answer  Angel
Got a picture now:

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