Pine A64 stuck in boot process
Can anyone explain what's going on in this picture? My Pine has been running (Debian or Ubuntu, I can't remember which) flawlessly for about 2 years now, but recently it just stopped responding to network connections. I got my monitor hooked back up to it and reboot it, and this is what I am getting. The output from the console goes by too fast to see the top of the dump, and hitting shift+pg up doesn't scroll up when it hits this phase either. Curiously, it does not show the pine logo in the top left corner like normal. What is also strange is that it responds to pings once it it gets to this stage, but I can't SSH in since it's not done booting. Switching to another console (alt+f2,f3,etc) just leaves me at a blank screen. If I hit ctrl+alt+del when at this stage, it cleanly reboots, but gets to this stage again.

I pulled the SD card out and stuck it in another linux system and ran fsck on it to make sure the OS was ok, but the card is fine. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. Any pointers or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
[Image: badpine.jpg]

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