Pinebook Pro Network diagnostics hardware
I think Pinebook Pro is a great idea, but i miss the ethernet port very much.
I know that there are dongles, I even have usb3-GbE one, but it's not practical in the field, when one have to quickly check network status.
What do you guys think of giving the pinebook Pro Ethernet port option ?
Not to mention the SFP bay  Wink .
But seriously, maybe there is some modular solution, like built in sfp bay and fiber/ethernet sfp ?

I know it isn't easy, but there could be some new buyers because of it.
I think there is no space for Ethernet, if we want ultrabook size laptop.
(04-27-2019, 12:06 PM)Wizzard Wrote: I think there is no space for Ethernet, if we want ultrabook size laptop.

Why not considering some of these "origami style" ports?

I also think that a full ethernet port will be a killer feature.
Thanks on the request. However, now is late to add new hardware into Pinebook Pro.

The origami Ethernet is a oood suggestion.

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