Video Tutorials Requests
Hello everyone,

I’m planning on making a series of how to videos on the rp64 including:

How to install google play store
How to adb on the rp64
Fix resolution and screen size
How to burn android image to emmc no adapter required
How to install images to sdcard
I’m working out of my phone so don’t expect high quality videos or audio, I only hope they are helpful and get the job done transferring the know how to address some of the issues I have personally experienced and make them friendly for the average joe that has no developer experience.
The intention is to make it easy for anyone to get the best experience of this board helping people that already have the board and by showing how easy things really are, also invite people that are looking around for an upgrade for their raspberry what this board can and cannot do.

If you are actually interested in any content in particular on how to achieve something atm have no order of launching videos so will take in consideration requests.
Link to the introduction video bellow, please don’t burn me on the audio/video quality, I’m just a noob working out of full ghetto hardware and software.

Intro video here:

Big Grin
Uploaded first video on how to install Android on rp64 directly to emmc no usb adapter

link to forum post here:

there at the end link to video for visual aid.
Fix screen resolution and overscan for android uploaded
will help how to connect to adb also

Link to forum post here:

Video link for visual aid at the end of post.
How to install Google Playstore on android uploaded
will help how to connect to adb also

Link to forum post here:

Video link for visual aid at the end of post.
Thanks on the video tutorials.
(05-01-2019, 09:24 PM)tllim Wrote: Thanks on the video tutorials.

Thank you @tllim, the point is to help ppl that are adventuring themselves out of their comfort zone and are not all familiar on the how to get things running, for many here it might be easy, really hope this helps new comers to get their stuff up and running fast with the least amount of headaches Big Grin

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