Not able to boot Armbian [email protected] 4GB

i'll trying since days to boot following image on my Rock64:

Flashed it via etcher without any problem.

As soon as I boot I'll get after one minte a Exception stack ....
Exception Stack

I'm able to flash and boot Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic minimal 32bit Image.
There I have troubles to find/install the WLAN adapter.

I wanted to buil a Home-SIEM with the Rock64 (

My Setup:
ROCK64 USB 3.0 Dual Band 1200Mbps WIFI 802.11A/B/G/N/AC (RTL8812AU) Adapter
1 $21.99

Have somebody a clue or hint?
i installed a copy of this last week and it worked good. i'd suggest unplugging the usb wifi card and then boot to see if that is causing the issue. if it still does not boot try burning another image. wait until you go through the setup and get a desktop and then insert the wifi adapter.

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