Rock 64 network error as soon as I try to write or read.
(03-10-2019, 01:27 PM)georgegohl888 Wrote: hi,
I'm trying to build a rock 64 nas with a 1tb hdd to upgrade from my raspberry pi nas that topped out at 11 MB/s.
I have installed OMV multiple times and followed tutorials. Everything seems to work. I can mount the network drive however what happened is that when I would write files to it it would start at 11 MB/s and slowly tail off to zero then windows gives me a network error and i have to restart the rock 64. I've tried everything. Bought a new usb 3 adaptor, installed various flavours of linux and used samba instead but the same error. ive tried disabling the uas driver all to no avail. It seems to be able to write some data but seems to get stuck on larger files.
Any ideas?
Thanks, George

Solved! turned out to be a crappy network switch!

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