Tutorial[ Seagate Disks ]: Install Seagate OpenSeaChest Utilities
(04-01-2019, 10:55 AM)Neo2018 Wrote: Hello tuxd3v,
I have tried everything possible to test, unfortunately I did not get a satisfactory result.

In the OMV forum I have described my current status and attitudes.

I have no ideas and do not know what else I can do to use OpenSeaChest or for me proper standby / spin down time.
That's why I might be waiting for a brainstorm or someone tells me 100% solution!

Many thanks for the support. I am ready for any further attempts. My HDD is very important to me!

I see that you tried using a usb to sata converter..
It could be that that your usb-sata model is not supported neither( mine is an ASMEDIA and is supported )
I have not the Pine pcie to Sata card.

You also said you can change the APM value, so in some way to are able to contact the disks..

The problem that maybe exists is related with Seagate own Commands..
We can wait for someone that has that pcie card , and a Seagate disk, and check, if they can configure their disks..

Or in the mean time we can try to contact Seagate,
For that please give me the product number and serial ID, of your card
So that they can made tests on that controller..

check with 'lspci' if you find your card, and its serial number/product number..

In the mean time, your disks are safe, they are simply on wake up consuming more energy, and on powerup they consume more energy too.

But its not the end of the world  Shy
Find the product ID, and serial number of your card.. Wink

Best Regards

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