Tutorial[ Seagate Disks ]: Install Seagate OpenSeaChest Utilities
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Hello All,
I saw that some users have Seagate IronWolfs disks paired with RockPro64..
There are some features that, are nice to configure on Seagate Disks..

Seagate has tools for disks..
Tools that are Present in the OpenSeaChest Utilities:
  • openSeaChest_Basics
  • openSeaChest_Configure
  • openSeaChest_Erase
  • openSeaChest_Firmware
  • openSeaChest_Format
  • openSeaChest_GenericTests
  • openSeaChest_Info
  • openSeaChest_Logs
  • openSeaChest_NVMe
  • openSeaChest_PowerControl
  • openSeaChest_SMART
Here is the Documentation:   Seagate SeaChest Utilities

The Repository is here: OpenSeaChest Utilities

You will need to compile OpenSeaChest Utilities, as root:

1) Jump to /root
cd /root

2) Use last Stable Releasev19.01.31 - Released 6 days ago, by xahmad )
git clone --recursive --branch v19.01.31 https://github.com/Seagate/openSeaChest.git

3) Jump into OpenSeaChest gcc compilation method and Compile the project:
    OBS: I tried using parallel compilation and it failed, better to use 1 process only like bellow..
cd openSeaChest/Make/gcc && make release

4) Wait for compilation to Finish, and check if there are erros at the end.
    If there are no errors, then copy binaries to final destination and remove code stuff used to compile:
mkdir -pv /opt/openSeaChest/bin && mv openseachest_exes/* /opt/openSeaChest/bin
cd / && rm -rf /root/openSeaChest

5) Update your root PATH environment var to know about OpenSeachest Utilities:
cat <<<'export PATH="${PATH}:/opt/openSeaChest/bin"' >> /root/.bashrc

6) Exit from root and log again has root,
exit && sudo su -

7) Now try to see if root, knows about OpenSeachest Utilities:
    type "open" and press <TAB>, you will see at least :
                           openSeaChest_FormatUnit    openSeaChest_PowerControl
openSeaChest_Basics        openSeaChest_GenericTests  openSeaChest_SMART
openSeaChest_Configure     openSeaChest_Info          openSeaChest_ZBD
openSeaChest_Erase         openSeaChest_Logs          
openSeaChest_Firmware      openSeaChest_NVMe          

8) Now has a Candy, check information about your Disk, using openSeaChest_Basics:
# openSeaChest_Basics --deviceInfo --device /dev/sdX

openSeaChest_Basics - openSeaChest drive utilities - NVMe Enabled
Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Seagate Technology LLC and/or its Affiliates, All Rights Reserved
openSeaChest_Basics Version: 2.8.0-1_19_0 ARM
Build Date: Feb  3 2019
Today: Wed Feb  6 12:56:52 2019

/dev/sg0 - ST4000VN008-XXXXXX - XXXXXXXX - ATA
    Model Number: ST4000VN008-XXXXXX
    Serial Number: XXXXXXXX
    Firmware Revision: SC60
    Drive Capacity (TB/TiB): 4.00/3.64
    Native Drive Capacity (TB/TiB): 4.00/3.64
    Temperature Data:
        Current Temperature (C): 16
        Highest Temperature (C): 27
        Lowest Temperature (C): 13
    Power On Time:  4 days 6 hours 59 minutes
    Power On Hours: 102.98
    MaxLBA: 7814037167
    Native MaxLBA: 7814037167
    Logical Sector Size (B): 512
    Physical Sector Size (B): 4096
    Sector Alignment: 0
    Rotation Rate (RPM): 5980
    Form Factor (inch): 3.5
    Last DST information:
        DST has never been run
    Long Drive Self Test Time:  10 hours 13 minutes
    Interface speed:
        Max Speed (Gb/s): 6.0
        Negotiated Speed (Gb/s): 6.0
    Annualized Workload Rate (TB/yr): 341.03
    Total Bytes Read (TB): 4.01
    Total Bytes Written (MB): 24.24
    Encryption Support: Not Supported
    Cache Size (MiB): 64.00
    Read Look-Ahead: Enabled
    Write Cache: Enabled
    Low Current Spinup: Enabled
    SMART Status: Good
    ATA Security Information: Supported
    Firmware Download Support: Full, Segmented, Deferred, DMA
    Specifications Supported:
        SATA 3.1
        SATA 3.0
        SATA 2.6
        SATA 2.5
        SATA II: Extensions
        SATA 1.0a
    Features Supported:
        SATA NCQ
        SATA Rebuild Assist
        SATA Software Settings Preservation [Enabled]
        SATA Device Initiated Power Management
        Power Management
        SMART [Enabled]
        48bit Address
        PUIS [Enabled]
        APM [Enabled]
        SMART Self-Test
        SMART Error Logging
        Sense Data Reporting [Enabled]
        SCT Write Same
        SCT Error Recovery Control
        SCT Feature Control
        SCT Data Tables
        Host Logging
        Seagate In Drive Diagnostics (IDD)

OBS: Read Carefully the Documentation about OpenSeachest Utilities, to not damage your data, or your disk..
          Start by openSeaChest_Basics tool, which seems less prone, to problems.. in the time you are aquiring the needed skills..

Hope you Enjoy.. [Image: thumbsup.png]

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