Video playback performance
Hey guys, I just installed bionic-lxde-rock64-0.7.9-1067-arm64.img.xz to run some basic tests and see how the system holds up in desktop environment.

I was wondering if the performance I'm getting is the one I should be expecting from this board, and know a bit about your experience.

The desktop environment boots fine, and even quite quickly. However, video performance is worrying me.

I open chromium and play some random 720p video from youtube. The stuttering is huge. That diagnostic script says that the board is running at 1296Mhz, 86-91% CPU load, and temperatures around 79-81ºC. 

I have heatsinks (designed for raspberry pi 3) on the chips.

So... Does this board actually play 1080p in linux environment? Shouldn't we be expecting some better performance? A simple low res youtube video won't play without major stutter. Or maybe this is the regular performance? I'd love to hear some feedback on other users experience.

Which other tests should I be running to make sure this board is not faulty? Maybe trying the android images?
Thanks guys.

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