Sound is mono
I have just received a pinebook. First that I noticed that sound is mono. Is it a hardware restriction?
Please answer me. Does everybody has mono sound, or only me?
(12-19-2018, 04:29 PM)tahf Wrote: Please answer me. Does everybody has mono sound, or only me?

There are not that many of us around, that we can provide a 24/7 service with 5 min turnaround, sorry...
Sound is bad. Not, because of the system, but because of the speakers.
Try headphones. With headphones, the sound is better.
Also, there are sometimes issues with sound, I found plugging and unplugging headphones solves a lot of those issues.
So, built-in-speakers are crap. Mono or stereo doesn't matter.
Headphones are good.
If you still have issues, check alsamixer and it's settings. There is a thread in here somewhere....
I'm not talking about quality. KDE applet writes that output devices are mono. I checked speakers, and they are mono in practice. I haven't tried headphones, but as I remember, KDE volume applet wrote that they are mono too.

I used this example for check:

Sound is mono with speaker and earphones.

But about quality of speaker: I think that it is better than in my Thinkpad t460s)
Yes, I hear the same out of both sides. Even with the head phones, same on both ears. (running KDE Neon)

Here's another good youtube with left and right test.
I mentioned this before. It seems like the issue is being ignored. mono audio is not OK.
Erm ... yes. Mono. WTF?
I tried Manjaro with mainline kernel. Sound is stereo but inverted (left is right, right is left).

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