PCIe port specifications

I read that a lot of people have problems getting PCIe cards to work with the rockpro64.

However I'm starting to wonder if the board respects the PCIe standards in the correct way.
I can understand some drivers are not ready yet to support every card out there.

However what I noticed in my case, that my SATA PCIe card which I'm trying to get to work, get extremely hot.
To the point you can 'smell' the card due to the heat and you can't touch the heatsink on the different chips of the card.
After just a few seconds I need to shutdown the board because I'm afraid it would damage the card (or eventually catch fire?).

In my opinion this just shouldn't happen, putting the card in a regular PC doesn't lead to this kind of heat problems.
Has anyone else have similar experiences?

Best regards,

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