usb3 bandwidth

currently i try a usb3 camera in order to evaluate the performances of such camera on the Rock64. This camera is able to supply 240 frame/sec with a resolution of 1448x1086 and it works fine on a pc; the required bandwidth for such data flow (1448x1086x240x8bits = ~2.9 Gbits/sec) is largely supported by the USB3 which allows up to ~5GBits/sec.
On the Rock64 i can get only 200 frame/sec Sad ( ~2.4 Gbits/sec / ~300 Mo/sec) which is sufficient for my application Smile , but which is also lower than what the camera can do. As i read on this forum that some users encountered problems with the "speed"  of usb3 storage devices, i wonder what is at the origine of this low usb3 bandwidth of the rock64: the soc (rk3328), DRAM, the linux version i used (bionic), ...?


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