No Hardware Interrupts for GPIO
Using either python or java, there is no way to set an interrupt on a GPIO pin. Instead, you must poll, wasting valuable CPU. In other words, the modules available to read pins as input or output do not support setting callback functions as RPi.GPIO does.

This has been available since 2013 on the Raspberry Pi, but is not supported by any of the modules on the Rock64. See:

The only modules I can find are Leapo and all callbacks are marked as "Not yet implemented." Further doc says that interrupts are not supported in the kernel. This makes the GPIO header useless for real applications.
Due to this I use the rock64 only as database and fileserver. eMMC is more reliable.
For hardware applications there is the Rasperry Pi. Having no GPIO interrupts really sucks.
Polling is no option (for me).

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