Performance issue/question
(10-18-2018, 08:43 AM)bobdaroze Wrote: Greetings!

I am curious about something: as I know so far, RockPro64 should be more powerful than Odroid-XU4.

The overall experience makes it seems so (installing, browsing, response time, etc)

Checked hardinfo's benchmark, and it confirmed it.

Cryptohash benchmark says RockPro64 is 226.12 and Odroid-XU4 is 198.49 - another evidence.

However, I tried it by mining a cryptocoin aswell, and I have troubling results. With Odroid, I was capable to do it with 32khash, but with RockPro64 it was only 27khash.

Can someone explain why RockPro64's hashrate is lower than Odroid-XU4's?

Is it something to do with the kernel (which one is the most recent?)? Or is it because the clock rate or the number of threads? (Though I have to add that this mining program is armhf, but I managed to make it work by adding the armhf architecture)

I'm no expert but during ATS development, I use a miner to test temps at full throttle..

It depends on the coin you mine..
it depends on the algo
But above all, it depends on optimization of the wont go there only with a simple compilation..

To give you an example, I started with 25Kh/s, then 28, then 30, and now between 35-40 Kh/s - {big,litle}:{1.8,1.4}Ghz
but depends on the algorithm..

To give you an idea I hava a AMD APU 8700, 4 cores( or 2 cores, and 4 threads..maybe the better way to put it...kaveri.. )
At 3.9Ghz, it doesn on same algo close to 50Khs@65Watts of power..

It all depends. but I don't care too much in it, its only for testing purposes..and its a very good burn test!!

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