Performance issue/question
mining is a heavily cpu centric application. So eight cores in exynos5422 against six cores in rk3399 is one point for the odroid.

You should give the rk3399 a better chance by using arm64 with a gcc >=7, optimizing for CortexA53,CortexA57

Next thing depends on the hash you are brute forcing. If it is a hash, that uses standard crypto methods like sha2 or aes you can gain a lot from the cpu-features of the rk3399 - personally I was thrilled while benchmarking the rk3328 against a 4th generation i5 on sha256. I got ca. 80% of the performance at 10% of the power costs. So choose your altcoin wisely.

However, I don't think you can compete with farms of apics to get a hash in time or get more out of mining than you pay for the power, but it is fun - cause you can learn a lot about hash-algorithms, hardware extensions and the "nature" of blockchain-methods itself.

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