Spontaneous Reboot during scp with Ubuntu bionic 0.7.8-1061

<perniciouscaffe> seeing an ongoing issue where my rock64 locks up when trying to scp files. Using bionic-minimal-rock64-0.7.8-1061-arm64.img.xz
[15:33] <perniciouscaffe> copies the first 50MB or so, then either reboots or becomes unresponsive, etc
[15:36] <perniciouscaffe> this is all microsd - no attached storage. Through the Ethernet interface
[15:45] <perniciouscaffe> doing an upgrade and will try to install the linux-crash packages for another test.
[16:15] <perniciouscaffe> meh - yeah. full reboot when the xfer stalls out.
[16:16] <perniciouscaffe> https://gist.github.com/jsutch/421f6fa5c...f1796ed7a1

Fresh install, apt update/upgrade. kernel dump from syslog above. Consistently reproducible.

Any thoughts?

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