How can I update from Ubuntu 18 to Ubuntu 20?

Well this is my problem
How can I do for update my Ubuntu 18.04 to the new one Ubuntu  20.04 ?

You've not given much information, but chances are you're using UBports [1] and not Ubuntu [2]. UBports is built on top of an older version of Ubuntu, which is why you won't be able to upgrade to 20.

If you really need the absolute latest packages, consider one of the Arch distros. They don't tend to be as "user friendly" and you might find you're having to compile programs, etc, by hand. If you're not too up on your Linux, I would suggest sticking with UBports, it'll be the best out of the box experience for most users.

I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 Lts and I want to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 . I get a pop-up to update it, but it doesn't update
How can I do in terminal?
Who's Ubu 18 ? ya dont say. W/e it is I'd burn a new image. Armbian has focal for rock64. I'm trying to get some dev cooperation on that but they don't seem too interested in this board and its quirks/defects much anymore.

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