Regular Android build for Rock64?
I'm absolutely disappointed with this board. The Android images that come with the board are absolutely unusable with touchscreen displays. I bought it with a DAC PoT which also has almost no documentation and support. No mention on which OS-s fully support the DAC. I see that a lot of users are actually interested in a "regular" Android build for this board. There is no way that it cannot be build as there already is a board with the same RK3328 SoC from Firefly which has a regular Android image.
Not trying to insult any of the community members( in fact you guys have been the only support) the official support for the board is very very VERY poor. There is no official comment on why there is no regular Android build for the board. I consider this purchase to be a total waste of money. Each time I try to make the board to work with a touchscreen I almost want to crash it with a sledgehammer. Each time I come back to this forum hoping to get some miracle news, but the only thing I get a disappointment. Each time I take it out from the box thinking "Maybe... the time has come" I go "Nah... It's hopeless" and throw it back for another couple of months. I also have an Odroid board and the developers of the board are quite responsive in their community forums.
The only 2 reasons why I haven't crashed it or thrown in the toilet and flushed the water yet is the respect to all the effort and time that went into designing the board and my overall love to electronics.
Very sad about this situation. I would really love to actively use this board and to see it running in my projects. Yet it is only an effective dust collector for me....

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