Error! Android Rockchip tools method
Couple of weeks ago a seller on Amazon had a bunch of the Rock64 board kits for $7.99 (SBC board, supply case and SD card) i got 4 of em and ive been trying all of the files in the downloads section.

I ran into an issue with one called "Android 9.0 Stock Image [eMMC Boot] using ROCKChip tools method [20190617]" 

The directions says to use the "android tool" put the board into maskrom mode with the jumper then when the tool sees the board pull the jumper off, then flash it. I kept having issues with errors when it went to "check" if the flash was ok it would error out. Then by accedent i downloaded a different version of the tool "2.65" and it actually worked i was trying different eMMc modules, differnt cables, i even thought maybe it was the USB3 and tried USB 2 then by accedent i tried the 2.65 and it worked.

The instructions give a link for version 2.38 and i tried and tried that version with no luck then by accedent i tried the 2.65 because i already had it on my PC from another device and i didnt know it was a different version

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