Best Android OS - for KODI

There is a bunch of android images, i have tried them all i think Smile  But now i cant remember which android images was best. The only thing i will use the android image to is playing movies through KODI or a KODI fork so best picture quality i am looking for.

- Android OS, has to be emmc version for better performance.

I have tried LibeELEC it has very good picture quality, but it is also very unstable. Maybe i did not find the best version?

I hope somebody can help.
In my opinion, that would be ayufan's ATV build.
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(07-30-2018, 02:42 AM)Luke Wrote: In my opinion, that would be ayufan's ATV build.

Hi Luke.

Thanks, i will try that android version. Do you use the emmc version?

Is it this Android "TV 7.1 Community Build Image [eMMC] by ayufan" or "Android TV 7.1 Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] [v0.3.4-r86] by ayufan"?

Best Regards.

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