Heatsink for SOPINE

is heatsink available in the store (https://www.pine64.org/?product=rock64pine-a64-heatsink) suitable for SOPINE A64 COMPUTE MODULE? The SOPINE boards will be installed on the clusterboard. Thank you.

Currently with the same issue and I need the GPIO/Control pins for remote control so that makes the space you get real tiny.
I was thinking about getting a plate of some heat dissipating material and cut it up in pieces the size of the nodes and use some sticky cooling paste to stick the 'plates' on the nodes and use a fan on that..

I'm testing here with 7 modules in a board and 1 simple fan that generates airflow between the modules get them from 80c to 40c.
So I'm thinking we are going to place the boards in the datacenter and the airco is keeping it cool so only 1 fan per clusterboard should do it for us.

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