Sopine baseboard CSI port camera not work
Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project on SOPine with its Baseboard Model A. 

Currently, I want to do some test on the 5MPixel CMOS Camera module bought from the PINE store. But I can't make the camera work(I'm using Xenial Mate OS), I plug the camera in the CSI port and successfully modprobe the s5k4ec and vfe_v4l2 driver, still can't work in both g-streamer pipeline and guvcview app.

Later I found there may be a power issue by probing the CSI port, and I checked the schematic of the baseboard, seems like the power to the CSI port is disabled by default, and the power is managed by the "AXP803" PMIC. I tried to reconfigure the AXP803 to enable the power to the CSI port but I can't detect any i2c device by using the i2ctools, seems the A64 is using a private RSB to control the PMIC.

I'm pretty new to the PINE, so I may miss something. Does anyone know how to enable the CSI port on the baseboard Model A to make the camera work? Thanks in advance. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Hi olivaw and welcome Smile

I expect that it's Ayufan's Xenial. Maybe you can try it on mainline images like Archlinux.

If you will have still issues, I highly recommend you to come to PINE64 IRC or Discord and ask help there Smile .

- gamiee
I've had success with armbian xeniall. install cheese (the photobooth app) and the camera works.

it also works in ayufan's android7.1

The port and camera from pine64 does physically work I can confirm. I have the model A rev B baseboard and revC sopines.


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