Office System 24/7
Hi everybody!
This is my first experience with a SBC.
Basically, i need something i could keep running 24/7.
It would need to do browsing activity with some medium flash player usage.
It would also need to have as low as possible power consumption and noise making.
After looking for some possible PC builds, i've tried to look at SBC. I was very skeptical at the beginning because i only knew raspberry and its resources weren't enough for me.
Then i found Rock64.
Now, basically the question is, given that 4GB ram should be more than enough for my use case, would the CPU keep it up?
In other words: is rock64 what i am looking for or should i look further?
(07-04-2018, 06:07 PM)joe Wrote: Any arm cpu not support flash player , and google said flash player not safe now

Still, unluckly, i'm forced to use it for work.
Is there any workaround like Kiosk for Raspberry?
Could this work?

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