getting weird blank screen when ssh'ing into A64+
hi folks,

i have my Pine64 A64+ w/ 2GB set up with a 64GB MicroSD card running @longsleep's ubuntu image with xubuntu-desktop for a window manager/gui.

when i attempt to ssh into the board over a network, it usually works great. but lately, i've just been getting a blank screen with on line saying i'm logged in as 'ubuntu' (the admin user name). then no command prompt, none of the other usual info about the board or the OS, just a blank screen and flashing cursor, and nothing else, no typing or key combinations get any response —

[Image: yIAZtEC.jpg]

is there any key combination i can send it via ssh that would take me back to a real command prompt or would restart the board?

and before you folks say it — yes, i am aware i could walk across the room and just cycle power on the Pine64 A64+ Board, but i'm talking about a solution if i'm ssh'ing into the board from somewhere else remotely, as i am often wont to do.

any help, here, please, would be appreciated. thanx in advance.


—  faddah
     portland, oregon, u.s.a.

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