hi Wolfenstein, when I code for a pull-up on an input pin ( I'm going to put a switch on it that pulls to ground ) then I leave it with the internal pull-up ( why use an additional component if not needed ).

The place where you may need a 'stronger' pull-up is when the input is coming from an open collector output... in that case I always provide my own pull-up for the open collector.

In any case, I would not count on defaults. Something you will discover with the PineA64 GPIO channels is that they appear to always be in use the first time they are used (you'll get the already in use warning, even though they are not in use ) this does not occur with the Raspberry PI... and is probably a bug in the RPi.GPIO-PineA64 code.

I usually call GPIO.cleanup() and exit, then run the code fresh... to get around the bug.

All the registers are in the manual... read through there and see what you can discover.
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