Linux images are impossible to download.
Well. GitHub Releases is for me the best, cheapest and right approach for releasing binaries. I don't really plan to change that. I hear that the are ocasionaly people having troubles downloading, but this is the problem of "the Internet" in general. There's so many alternatives for proxying and stuff that I don't consider this as a big issue.

I could host these binaries somewhere on my server, but this is pointless for various reasons: GitHub Releases actually shows releases, with files and changelogs. It is easy to release a new version. It is easy to annotate/promote releases, and storage, traffic, scalability, a cost. I have a tons of downloads. It is not easy to provide reliable storage for that. S3 is out of options as egress costs a hundreds of $$:

ayufan-pine64/android-5.1 =  size: 1.06 GiB downloads: 2626 traffic: 1.43 TiB releases: 2 pages: 1
ayufan-pine64/android-6.0 =  size: 13.13 GiB downloads: 5211 traffic: 7.25 TiB releases: 10 pages: 1
ayufan-pine64/android-7.0 =  size: 18.17 GiB downloads: 6557 traffic: 9.67 TiB releases: 12 pages: 1
ayufan-pine64/android-7.1 =  size: 27.61 GiB downloads: 54438 traffic: 139.20 TiB releases: 16 pages: 1
ayufan-rock64/android-7.1 =  size: 75.73 GiB downloads: 16698 traffic: 51.35 TiB releases: 38 pages: 2
ayufan-pine64/linux-build =  size: 76.83 GiB downloads: 34261 traffic: 76.09 TiB releases: 36 pages: 2
ayufan-rock64/linux-build =  size: 325.34 GiB downloads: 182331 traffic: 623.79 TiB releases: 98 pages: 4
ayufan-rock64/linux-rootfs =  size: 40.41 GiB downloads: 3477 traffic: 25.78 TiB releases: 6 pages: 1

This is the only and the best option for non-profit work.

According to The total egress alone would cost: `$81344`.

There are probably the cheapest solutions out there. But this to give you a sense of scale, and what effort it takes (vs no-effort) to maintain that scale.

My monthly material costs (Jenkins, GitLab CI, build machine, storage) are around 30-40$ excluding man-power. It is fine to cover these with community donations. I still think that this is a reasonable amount and well spend give resources needed to build everything, consistently, easily, with no effort to maintain.

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