Some GPU acceleration for basic 2D under linux
Hello all!

I've been designing this DIY 20" laptop with 15 hours of battery life and a 1080p screen all for myself, running on a potato of some kind (an SBC) and decided to pick the Rock64 for the USB3 and the amount of noob support.

I just dug into my newly received R64, only to find the desktop environments laggy and videos unplayable.
I spent about 7 hours looking into getting Mali Utgard drivers working, but haven't been able to figure it out.

What is the current state of Mali 450 drivers for the RK3328 SoC - is it possible to get 2D/video/3D acceleration working?
I don't mind using a light wm, but basic video playback for files and youtube are a must.

Thank you for your time.
Like yourself I bought Rock64 to run Linux.

It was a mistake.

There is zero Linux acceleration aside from video in very specific circumstance.

You can kludge together working gstreamer acceleration, though it's rather unstable.
Through this you can achieve youtube acceleration via smtube/smplayer

Arbitrary web videos? My kids games?  Google Hangouts at a decent frame rate/resolution?
No such luck. Angry

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