Boot Problems, LEDs lit continuously
So, these are working settings with hterm and the rock64...


I set the port, set baud rate (that was... awkward... control kept losing focus).... changed 'newline at' to CR+LF for both RX and TX, unticked show newline characters and that was about it. 

So you didn't get the white led flashing after just more than a minute with that spi-flash image? As at least that would show the board is booting from the SD and doing something. I was hoping it would, and that the problem was just in the serial connection Sad

What brand of SD card are you using? You may need to get hold of a different brand (Samsung EVO are the most reliable and seem to be the best performing at their price point) as if you're not getting any output, it sounds like the rock64 doesn't like it.

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