Boot Problems, LEDs lit continuously
(04-30-2018, 11:06 AM)Facecreator Wrote: Hello, I have now tried the ROCK64 read out serially. I use a FTDI FTD232 (This one) for this purpose. I have Linux installed on my Raspberry Pi. I also tried with Windows and Putty. Short on my approach:

1.) Connect Rx from the Rock64 (pin 10) to the Tx of the adapter
2.) Connect Tx from the Rock64 (pin 8) to the Rx of the adapter
3.) Connect ground together (pin 6)
4.) Plug adapter into USB port (LED on the adapter lights up)
5.) Open terminal and enter: "dmesg | tail -n 10"
6.) He tells me that the adapter is connected to ttyUSB0 (Screenshot)
7.) Then I enter: "sudo minicom -s -D / dev / ttyUSB0 -b 1500000 --color = on"
8.) Then set 1500000 8n1 in the settings and turn off flow control
9) Leave the config and it appears the surface, now I turn on the Rock64 and nothing happens except the 2 funny characters.
10.) Do I have to jump any pins?

That sounds right, except I have never used -s, and have never changed the flow control settings, especially since the serial connection isn't using the CTS/RTS pins so DOES need software flow control.

No pins need to be jumpered, serial should "just work"... But will only work if there is a image that the rock64 can boot from, as it has zero smarts itself. In a pinch, you could try the SPI flash image, which will only boot the rock64, and write a uboot loader to the spi flash, which means you should have something happening if you boot the rock64 without a emmc or SD card fitted. You'll know if it works if after 30 or so seconds the red and white leds start blinking.

It still doesn't explain why you are having trouble bootiing, but this image will also output to the serial, and will give somethinig else to work with...

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