Shutdown server and corrupt data : how to login ?
Hello !

I have some problems with corrupt data on my Ayufan's Stretch server.
Last night, the external USB 3 HDD suddenly began to vibrate on the desk in the living room. So strongly that it woke us up... I never heard that !

So in the confusion, i just shut down the server holding the power button. And now, impossible to boot the server. 
I have some errors before the prompt login : 

mmcblk1p6 : Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.
Give root password for maintenace or press Control D to continue.

I guess there is no password for root login. And Control+D just returns "sulogin cannot read /dev/tty1: Operation not permitted".

And there is no longer ssh connexion.

How can I login as rock64 user and/or run fsck ?
your best bet is if you have access to another linux machine to hook it into that machine and run fsck on the disk. you might be able to get a live Gparted cd to check if partition is corrupted. if no other system, use another image from sdcard boot and look at hd from that.
Thank you. I succeed to repair the hdd with fsck from live Gparted.
I guess it is dead, i can see data but i can't copy my saves :/

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