Which one do you think is the best image for running a server for website?
I've got a 4g version of Rock64 with 64G emmc.
But I don't know too much about Linux.
(08-28-2017, 04:22 PM)fbms Wrote: I've got a 4g version of Rock64 with 64G emmc.
But I don't know too much about Linux.

It should do well as a low-load webserver. I am running a webserver on a 512mb Pine64 for a year now (with 10-or-so visitors a day) and haven't had a problem. Obviously if you're expecting a lot of traffic then you may run into issues even with a 4gb board. But it should do really well for a regular blog.
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I just want to have a try. If have that much traffic I think I will buy a PC instead. Anyway, this board is very power efficient. I don't need to pay too much on my power bill.Smile

I am similar to Luke and have been running a Webserver on a 2GB Pine64 for about a year now and it works great. It is definitely low volume.

Regarding your question on the best image, I find that people gravitate to the distribution that they are familiar with. The choices are primarily Debian (Jessie or the newest version, Stretch) or Ubuntu (Xenial). They both should work equally well and the choice comes down to which you prefer. I have stuck with Debian because I originally started playing with Raspberry Pis and they use Debian as a base. I also played with Xenial on the Pine64, and it did not work as I expected. To be fair, this is likely user error on my part.

In short, I like Debian and have been happy with it on my Pines and now my Rock64. I am sure that there are others here who will feel equally attached to Ubuntu. Either will work fine.

The only other thing is that there seems to be more Xenial options including ones with a desktop pre-installed. There do not seem to be any desktop-enabled Debian images yet for the R64. You can easily add one yourself, but it is an extra step.
Use ayufan's xenial or jessie minimal images.
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