Tutorial How to write a image in the eMMc card without USB adaptor or serial cable
Well I do not know if it's already written in some post,
But I found a way to record an image on the Emmc without the adapter or the serial cable

1.- Download any minimal image for SD and record it in SD (tested with debian 0.78 minimal)
2.- You start the Rock64 with the SD card put the eMMc in place and the jumper so you do not activate it
3.- Once the minimum image has been removed, remove the jumper
4.- cd / usr / local / sbin
5.- sudo rock64_reset_emmc.sh
6.- sudo nano sd2emmc.sh
7.- curl -L https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-b...m64.img.xz | unxz -c> / dev / mmcblk0
8.- You can put the image you want after download another example
curl -L https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-b...m64.img.xz | unxz -c> / dev / mmcblk0
another way from a personal pc
curl -L -u Domain \ user: passwd smb: // | unxz -c> / dev / mmcblk0
9.- CTRL +O enter  CTRL +X
10.- sudo chmod 0754 sd2emmc.sh
11.- sudo ./sd2emmc.sh
12.- When the prompt returns to write,
sudo shutdown -h now,
13.- When this rock64 is turned off, you take the SD out of its site and reboot again without SD
14.- The image will start from the eMMC and you will have your image recorded in the SD

I hope it helps you all and if you see any error or problem you tell me
Why are you making a new Tutorial?
There is allready one

You know that this thread is existing, you have writing a question in there
Helo I’m sorry
But i think in the tutorial of the link is with a serial cable conected to another pc , and in this is without
If you think that is the same don’t worry , tell me and i delete this

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