How can you get the WIFI/Bluetooth module separate?
Is there anywhere to shop for these parts for the Pine64?

TechieManny   Shy

You should be able to order them once the kickstarter boards are delivered. In theory that should be in May, but with the amount of orders and the various snafus, I wouldn't expect general ordering to start until later.

Note, the boards are custom made for pine64, so you won't find them anywhere else, at least until general shipping happens.

You could look at whatever OS you are running (and for Linux, which distribution) and find a compatible wifi and/or bluetooth USB card, and plug that into your pine64.
Do you know any wifi/bluetooth cards for the Pine64?

TechieManny   Shy

I'm in the same boat -- no wifi module. Edimax Nano USB didn't work, at least with Remix OS. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting that module via the backer kit.
Note my sentence about going to the OS that you intend to use. I imagine the set of supported wifi devices is different for Android, Remix, Ubunto, Archlinux, etc.

On my Raspberry Pi, the older Edimax wifi adapters work (, but you really need to go the main distribution of the OS to see what is supported and what isn't.
Can one of you take a high resolution image of the wifi module and post it here, please?
(04-09-2016, 08:21 PM)quadband Wrote: Can one of you take a high resolution image of the wifi module and post it here, please?

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Why dont you buy them on ? Oh, theyre temporary sold out, you need to waitSmile
I would also like to know where can I buy wifi module 5GHz for SDIO
If the thing with SDIO not works than do it over GPIO.
(have a look here)

I ordered the parts from China and England (since the pound is down for unknown reasons :-D)
So in a month I will see if it works but I see no reson that it shouldn't.

- 33ohm resistors
- ESP-12F
- PCB Matrix

The parts are about 3€.

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