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Guide - XRDP - Debian Stretch / Ubuntu Xenial

This quick and simple guide will show how to connect to your Rock64 with Windows native Remote Desktop Connection client.


ROCK64 board running Debian or Ubuntu, connected to the local network

Access to terminal, either locally or via SSH

Some basic understanding of using the linux terminal



Make sure you do not have any other VNC servers installed like vnc4server or tightvncserver.
sudo apt remove xrdp vnc4server tightvncserver

Install xrdp and tigervnc server

sudo apt install -y xrdp tigervnc-standalone-server

Swap places Xorg with Xvnc so Xvnc goes first.

sudo nano /etc/xdrp/xdrp.ini

Connect via Xvnc (first in the client list) with native Windows Remote Desktop client.

Ubuntu (the same setup as Raspberry PI):

Remove other VNC servers

sudo apt emove xrdp vnc4server tightvncserver

Install tightvncserver and xrdp
sudo apt install -y tightvncserver xrdp

Connect via Xorg (first in the client list) with native Windows Remote Desktop client.

//I will edit with screenshots some time later.
Thanks for writing this up :-)
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